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Teresa Farris - Take It On The Run 
CD review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill 

Teresa Farris claims that her motivation is "to be remembered as a fiery entertainer who possesses the genuine simplicity of daddy's little girl." Well, when you look at the photos on her CD and website, daddy's little girl will be the last person that comes to mind ... but after listening to the ten songs on her new CD, "fiery entertainer" is a circumspect understatement. She may not look like "traditional country," but her voice sure is. She has the Reba range, the Tanya temperament and the Lacy J. Dalton depth all tied together with the proclivity and fire of a Patsy Cline. If you are a fan of true blue country music -- country music with "attitude" -- you will want to add this CD to your collection. 

Farris is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee and has dedicated her life, starting at the ripe old age of seven, to honing her entertainment skills. The ten songs on her debut CD clearly demonstrate that all that dedication and fine tuning has paid off handsomely. 

The CD begins with the upbeat "What You Get Is What You See," and I feel this may prove to be Ms. Farris' anthem over time. It's stamped with her personal philosophy and the aforementioned attitude. Also on this CD is the old REO Speedwagon hit; "Take It On The Run." Farris' outstanding rendition definitely makes it her own and yet remains true to the original feel of the song, a chart-topper in the '70s. It may prove to be a hit for her as well. 

Farris has unquestionably mastered the art of relaying her emotions with her voice and, true to her words, she has no problem putting forth a fiery rendition on all ten songs on the CD, but my favorite song is the waltz; "So I Say." This song is perfect for her voice and she sings it like she possesses it. In her "Cut by Cut" comments she says she hopes she can do the song justice... trust me... she does! If you purchase the CD just to get this one song; it will be well worth the price. 

Her bio states that *"her self-titled CD is sure to pull at your heartstrings and put a fire under you're a - - (uh, boots)." Yep... like I said, country music with major attitude. 

Attitude is not always a good thing but in this case it proves to be rollicking good fun and a major platform from which to launch exceptional talent. 

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