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The Power of Horses by Lisa Wysocky 
Book Review by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

The Power of Horses is, at the very least, an interesting compilation of stories from some of the biggest names in country music today. But not about the music industry; the heartfelt stories in this delightful book are about their common love of horses and the impact that horses have had on their lives. Stars featured in the book include Toby Keith, Lynn Anderson, Kix Brooks, Clay Walker, Charlie Daniels, George Jones, Wild Horses, Brad Paisley, Chris LeDoux, John Berry and many more. 

Although all of the stories are engaging, one of my favorites is the author's. Her genuine affection for her now-departed horse is clearly evident. Ms. Wysocky refers to her Appaloosa mare as "my best friend". She also states that her horse "was very intelligent and had a wonderful sense of humor" and taught her about "friendship, determination, trust and responsibility" over the course of three decades. It is a beautiful, poignant story that is eloquently written from her heart, and her words will surely cause you to look at horses, and the people who love them, from an enlightened perspective. 

The book is a fun and easy read and there is a lot of additional information about the country music artists. You get a brief bio and photos, as well as an Internet and postal address, for each of the artists who contributed. You will find out which well-known artist credits a horse for introducing him to his wife. Another superstar in country says that the only thing he likes as much as performing is horses, and he sees horses, not music, as his future. And the beautiful lead singer of the dynamic new group, aptly named "Wild Horses", tells how what she learned from her horse has helped her endure in the music industry. 

All of the stories are equally entertaining, heart-tugging and informative. Even artists who don't normally share stories about their personal lives are most willing to talk about their passion for horses and how they influenced their lives and in doing so, they reveal a part of themselves that we may have never seen before. 

The Power of Horses is a tribute to her horse, Snoqualmie. Ms. Wysocky thanks all horses for "allowing humans into [their] lives." She tells them "we may be dumb, but we love you with all our hearts"... spoken like a person with true understanding of horses -- and country music. 

Lisa Wysocky, formerly a professional horse trainer, is the owner of White Horse Enterprises and has been a publicist in Nashville for more than a decade. You will find additional information about her and the artists who contributed to her book at www.powerofhorses.com.

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