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Carrie Underwood - Play On
By: Brianna Nightingale

In a local Nashville radio interview, Underwood revealed that she feels more open now that this album has been recorded. “People will learn more about who I am when they hear this,” she said...

Sylkie Monoff - Genuine
Review By: George Peden
German born and Nashville working, Sylkie Monoff has a new album. It’s melodic, well crafted and engaging. It has a host of musical hard-hitters, and the tunes quickly become familiar. Look for a description. Be precise. Make it real...

Holly Williams - Here With Me
By: Jim Moulton

Holly Williams sounds great on her second CD, titled Here With Me, where she has turned her full attention to a real country sound with pedal steel, country guitars, heartbreak songs and great upbeat honky tonk songs...

Adam Steffey - One More For The Road
By: Jim Moulton
Adam Steffey is a powerhouse mandolin player who has been around for quite awhile, playing lots of sessions and currently in Dan Tyminski's band. Steffey was also in Alison Krauss's Union Station for a number of years...

Miranda Lambert 

by Cheryl Harvey Hill

All fifteen tracks on this album, whether an uptempo barn burner or a sultry, slow ballad, will manage to strike a chord somewhere within your subconscious, either lyrically, melodiously, or both...

Susie Warley - Naked Dreams
Review By: George Peden
Easy on the senses is how I would describe it. The second album from Texas songbird Susie Warley is an easy toned album. First: there are the vocals...

Joe Nichols 
Old Things New

by Cheryl Harvey Hill

Choosing “An Old Friend of Mine” as the final cut was brilliant on so many levels. The lyrics are incredibly visual and Nichols is accompanied only by a piano on this track. “My hands were shaking / and my knees were weak. / As I poured my last shot / and I drank my last drink"...

James Talley - Heartsong
Review By: George Peden

There is a quality to the music of James Talley. It’s a quiet and honest style. It comes with a lyrical veneer, which rightly has Talley tagged as an Americana pioneer...

David Nail
I'm About To Come Alive

By: Brianna Nightingale

After several colleges approached him about playing on their baseball teams, it was like a switch flipped in Nail’s head. He decided to visit Nashville and see what opportunities would arise for him.

Alana Levandoski - Lions And Werewolves
By: Jim Moulton

Alana Levandoski did her first CD a couple of years ago called Unsettled Down, as I remember it, it had more of an acoustic sound, but it was a very good debut CD. Levandoski's second CD has a more eclectic mix, with a couple of hard rockers starting it out...

Jamey Johnson - That Lonesome Song
By: George Peden

For those who like their country gift-wrapped and stylishly commercial, the kind of music that comes with the seal of fashioned Stetsons and Colgate smiles, stay away from Jamey Johnson. Stay well clear. He’s not for you. And his latest album, the riveting That Lonesome Song (Mercury Records)...

Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day
By: Jim Moulton

The new CD out from Charlie Robison titled Beautiful Day is the best alt/country CD that I have heard in quite awhile...

Crystal Sands - The Hard Times
Interview by: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Her new album may be titled The Hard Times but hard times may be a thing of the past since lady luck was definitely smiling on Crystal Sands when she was named Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2009 Texas Music Awards...

Patty Loveless
Mountain Soul II

By: Jim Moulton

Patty Loveless picks up where she left off with the first Mountain Soul CD with Mountain Soul II. The high lonesome sound of harmonies and old time acoustic instruments...

Tanya Tucker - My Turn
By: Jolene Downs

If you miss the days of real honky tonk country, then this album is exactly what the doctor ordered. Tanya Tucker's first studio project in seven years, aptly titled My Turn, is an incredible collection of classics that will almost let you hear the clink of glasses at the bar and smell the cigarette smoke and the sawdust on the dance floor...

Scott Hisey
Half Empty & Seein' Double

Review By: George Peden

Let me show my hand early. I’m a big Scott Hisey fan. It started in 2002 with the release of his debut album What Will The Good Times Do.

Tracy Lawrence
The Rock

by Cheryl Harvey Hill

For whatever reason, there is considerable speculation as to why Tracy Lawrence recorded this particular album at this point in his career and why he chose the songs he chose...

Angela Siracusa
By: George Peden
Angela Siracusa is a new talent, one who has grabbed this reviewer’s ear. With the surge of music hitting the CSO Central desk daily, it’s easy to overlook the new for the established. That was nearly the case here. My eyes (and eventually my ears) locked on...

Rodney Atkins - It's America
By: George Peden

Ah, the power of patriotism. In these troubled times, it’s a comfort to know the American dream is alive and well. Just ask Rodney Atkins. Recently settling in, and nicely thank-you, at the pole position on the Billboard country music charts with “It’s America”...

Cowboy Crush
By: Jim Moulton
Cowboy Crush is the type of CD you like to review. Why? It is a truly great set of songs that sound like good Nashville modern country that takes no prisoners. All it takes is a few listens and you are singing the songs to yourself because of the great hooks...

Martina McBride - Shine
By: Jim Weaver

Martina McBride has released yet another in a long-line of vocally amazing albums, this one titled Shine. Let there be no illusions here, the lovely and talented McBride will most likely never get a bad review from me. I think her talent out-"shines" most female vocalists...

Jonathan Singleton and the Grove
By: Brianna Nightingale

Jonathan Singleton proved himself as a talented songwriter when he partnered up with Jim Beavers shortly after moving to Nashville...

A Tribute to Loretta Johnson - 1/3 of the heart of IFCO
By Cheryl Harvey Hill

This past week, Loretta Johnson lost her long, and devastating, battle with cancer. For those of you who don’t know, Loretta was one third of the "Johnson sisters;" founders of the International Fan Club Organization...

BrokeDown Cadillac
By: Jolene Downs  

BrokeDown Cadillac is a new duo that consists of Corri English and Randy Dunham. They crossed paths when English stopped in at a club in LA where Dunham's band was playing...

Willie Nelson / Wynton Marsalis 
Two Men With The Blues

By: George Peden

Over his iconic career, Willie Nelson has shared stages and recording studios with many. His collaborations are renowned. And, along the way, he’s anchored memorable partnerships and music...

New Riders Of The Purple Sage
By: Jim Moulton

A lot has been springing up from the the thirty plus year old culture of the Grateful Dead, including a tour of their own this spring...

Dierks Bentley 
Feel That Fire

By: Brianna Nightingale

When I saw Dierks Bentley for the first time at Joe’s Bar in Chicago, Illinois, it was a show unlike anything I had ever witnessed before. The years of performing on Second Avenue in Nashville must...

Spotlight On...
Ashton Shepherd  
By: Juliette Vara

On stage one minute, getting dirty milking cows the next. That’s what Ashton Shepherd calls a perfect day...

Keith Urban - Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy World Tour DVD
By: George Peden

You can’t help but like Keith Urban. Cheeky, brash, impish and talented, the former New Zealander, who now calls Nashville home...

Misti Long
By: George Peden

Misti Long has a lot more going for her than just good looks. Talent, for one thing, comes to mind. She may hail from small town Dawson Springs, Kentucky...

Kellie Pickler - Self-Titled CD
By: Brianna Nightingale

When Kellie Pickler recorded her first album, Small Town Girl, she said it was a blur. She recorded it while traveling with the American Idol Tour...

Levon Helm
By: Jim Moulton

Two years ago, after barely surviving throat cancer, Levon Helm, one of the founding members of The Band, recorded a very successful, folk sounding, acoustic record called Dirt Farmer. Helm's new CD, Electric Dirt...

Eli Young Band
By: Brianna Nightingale

A few years ago, when CMT and GAC got a hold of the band’s video single “When It Rains,” fans became interested and began flocking...

Mark Karan
By: Jim Moulton

I became interested in reviewing Mark Karan for one reason only, because He played in Ratdog, Bob Weir's Band...

Brad Paisley - Play
By: Jim Moulton

This is the CD that I have been waiting on for Brad Paisley to release. Paisley is the most tal ented telecaster player out on the country circuits these days...

Bryan Clark
By: George Peden

It’s been an ambitious project.
Bryan Clark, and to be honest, he’s someone I hadn’t heard of, is a guy who not so much strums a guitar, but plays it ...

The Best Of 2008
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill

To sum up this past year through a drugged haze from a hospital bed is a real challenge, but I have to say that Joe Nichols is still the best there is and one of the most underrated entertainers in any genre of music...

Richie Allbright
By: George Peden

There is much today that passes as country music. There are many who pass as country music singers. The atrocities are all there. Just listen to modern radio...

The Best Of 2008
By: George Peden 

As we quickly move into the new year, it’s that time again to reflect, ponder and try to name the best albums of 2008. And that’s not too easy, given the amount of music that hits the turntables at CSO Central...

The Greencards
By: Jim Moulton

I have loved the Greencards for quite awhile, I have reviewed Weather and Water, a tone laden new grass CD with lots of good songs.

Looking Back at 2008  
By: Jim Moulton

Well, another year has literally flown bye here in the world of Country and Americana music. It was another interesting year with lots of good stuff...

Darryl Holter, Stella Parton and Bobby Flores
By: George Peden

Here at CSO the time is right for some needed housekeeping. The vaults are stacked and stuffed. We have music, which for reasons of time and space, is still in need of a review...

Todd Sterling’s Top Ten Albums of 2008
By: Todd Sterling


Jeff Cook
By: Jim Moulton

Ex- Alabama lead guitarist Jeff Cook has not stopped playing since Alabama officially broke up in 2004. Cook's Allstar Goodtime Band...


Tuxedo Country
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Tuxedo Country is a delightful compilation, splendidly performed by the Tom Houston Orchestra...


KWNR 95.5 First Annual Guitar Pull for the Kids
By: Cheryl Harvey Hill

Adam Gregory, Heidi Newfield, Chuck Wicks, Jack Ingram, James Otto, Chris Young, Randy Houser and Richie McDonald crank up the fun for charity event.


Cherryholmes III
By: Jim Moulton

Well, here we are at the third CD of this very talented group already. I loved their first CD very much...


Joanna Smith  
By: Jim Weaver

If you looked up "refreshing" at merriam-webster.com you would find the following definition; refreshing: agreeably stimulating because of freshness or newness...


Danielle Tucker
By: Juliette Vara

Crank up a good country song and just wait for Danielle Tucker’s smile to flash. Trust me, it won’t take long. Now combine that with a fresh cup of coffee, and it’s likely you’ve just made her day...


Sunny Sweeney
By: Jim Moulton

Sunny Sweeney is a very attractive young lady who has an exciting old time sounding country record, an emotive country voice ...


Megan Munroe
By: George Peden

Remember the name, as she’s sure to make a lasting impression. Her latest, “One More Broken String”, is a 12 track confident arrival at your music store...

Zac Brown Band

On one wall in the Zac Brown Band’s rehearsal space, there’s a whiteboard covered with details of their many upcoming gigs...


Jeanette Williams
By: Jim Moulton

Jeanette Williams has been singing and writing music for quite some time, and she is one quality singer, with quality material. Yet she is different, one listen to this CD and you are headed for another era...


The Wreckers 
By: Jim Moulton

Some groups are around for years to make great music to encourage us and to get us up. Unfortunately, this is not the case with The Wreckers, the tremendous combination of Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp.

  Jay Sims   
By: George Peden

Friends, there’s country music. And there’s country music. In a modern and broad sense, and for popular radio play, there are two types...

  Dan Tyminski
By: Jim Moulton

This latest CD by Dan Tyminski titled Wheels, is delightful and a joy to listen to.


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