How has the world of home entertainment changed with the help of technology

Humans have gone through various means of passing the time.Before there were electronics, people found simple ways to entertain themselves: curling up with a good book, knitting by the fire, listening to the radio, and playing Bridge.

There was no such thing as cable television, boom boxes, or Spore. Below, we take a look at how technology has allowed us to entertain ourselves over the last few decades. It’s really amazing where boredom can take us.


1. Gaming

The gaming industry has really come a long way since the Atari in the ‘80s and Nintendo Super FamiCom in the ‘90s. The start of the 21st century saw the influx of a new generation of gaming consoles that can play DVDs and function like PCs, including Sony PlayStation 2 and the newly birthed Xbox.

Technological innovations have ushered in better ways to create games, giving players hyper-realistic graphics (or cutesy anime, or cell-shaded, or nostalgic; really whatever floats your boat), immersive sound design, addictive gameplay, and highly emotional stories. And we’re now enjoying video gaming consoles that allow for multimedia feed and better connectivity. Handheld game consoles have also surfaced, examples of which include Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.


2. Watching movie

Nowadays, we don’t need to go to cinema to watch movie but can stay at home and enjoy movies we like. One huge change in the way people enjoy video is through media systems that can project online content onto TV screens. Online media streaming systems and services such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku have given us access to Internet video content displayed on a much larger TV screen (as compared to mobile screens). As a result, we can now enjoy the following:

  • Watch TV programs outside of their original time slots
  • View cable TV shows without paying for additional subscription fees
  • Play content from practically any media source, depending on your media device


3. Listening to music

Remember vinyls? Those big black discs that spin on a phonograph? The fact is that the young has not used and known this anymore. Currently, we get songs off the internet and are listening to music on our phones. Streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer provide service for downloading and keeping music in local storage.

Compared to physically collecting albums and spending significant money in the process, now, for only a few bucks per month, you’ll get access to a very comprehensive international music library that you can listen to anywhere.


4. Reading

Book, magazine or newspaper are no longer the familiar or important stuffs you need to carry when to travel. You also no need to go out and buy them because you can access them online. It is very easy to purchase eBooks and online magazines and sometimes you can read them for free. With internet people can get any information they want.